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Responsive Images in the Cloud

Our images are central to our business: they allow us to make our clients dream, discover fabulous and extrordinary destinations, and learn about the products they are lusting after.

With this goal in mind, our main difficulty was displaying hundreds of different images to our clients, without frustrating them with long and annoying loading times. Today the Internet is fast, and every millisecond matters! Because the last version of our website was not responsive, so we had to upload our images in many formats. It was long, and every time we wanted to change the dimensions of the images on the page, it was a painful process: we had to choose between losing image quality or website performance: it was unacceptable! But we lived with it.

Today we launch the new version of our website, with a responsive design and hundreds of possible image dimensions. Performance, especially on mobile has never been as important. Our images, and our websites, deserve a tool designed for today's images constraints - that’s where our new platform comes in: ImagX.

An innovative technology

What we want: every image on our website to be served to our clients in the optimal dimensions.

What we don't want: bartering this feature with a lack of performance and an increase of the average page loading time! We need this system to be fun, useful, easy to use and to understand, and we need this system to be compatible with the infrastructure already in use.

After hours of brainstorming, we finally got the idea: An image should be able to change its size by itself.

Impossible? Let's see! This is an image:

Now, let's find a way to ask this image to change its dimensions by itself. What a better symbol to ask than this one . Lets try: (size: 174 KB) (size: 97.5 KB) (size: 39.3 KB)


High level of performance

Here, in, we do not compromise on the quality: whether we're selecting our villas, or shooting our images, we want every aspect to be optimized. Because everyone is browsing our website from all over the world, we won't store our image in one place, not even in two or three places, but in hundreds of high secured data centers all over the world.

ImagX regions

Depending on the country and the city you are browsing from, you'll download the image from the nearest point the image is stored.

More than that, we designed our own system of cache, combining the highest cache technologies and our mastery of image compression. We then distribute the perfect size of the image right to your device, avoiding downloading the extra pixels you won't use, and thus offering you the best performance when browsing the website.