What's around Sri Lanka beach villas

Sri Lanka holiday by the beach

Rich culture, blooming tropical landscape, and incredibly friendly locals are just some of the many reasons why Sri Lanka has slowly been becoming an aspirational Asian destination for many tourists. As a small island nation south of Indian Ocean, the country features a great number of stunning palm-fringed beaches. Here are a few tips in making your stay worthy, if you’re planning to book a beach villa in Sri Lanka.

Renting beach villas in Sri Lanka

Booking a beach villa in Sri Lanka guarantees that you will experience the ultimate tropical vacation of your dreams. These accommodations are equipped with wide rooms, well-decorated spaces, private pools, and other five-star facilities. Guess what? The beach is just a couple of metres away from your doorstep, and you will have sweeping views of the sun, the sky and the sea. Enjoy luxurious living at your own pace, in your own place.

Activities and points of interest in Sri Lanka

This charming island is famous for watersports. If you decide to book a Sri Lanka beach villa, be sure to try out at least one activity to get the best tropical getaway experience. For great spots to surf, water ski, and wakeboard in Sri Lanka, check out the pristine beaches of Bentota. They’ve got some of the friendliest waters around the island!

Family activities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s abundance in wildlife makes a strong appeal to children. We suggest checking out Horton Plains National Park or Madu River Safari. These are some of the nearby attractions from your beach villa in Sri Lanka, where you can witness the beauty of the island face-to-face.

Sri Lanka’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Sri Lanka’s nightlife may be tame, but foodies will love the gastronomic scenes that the island has to offer. To get the most authentic Sri Lankan cuisine experience, we highly recommend Pier 88 Nebula in Bentota and Lucky Fort Restaurant in Galle. These are our favourite options near your beach villa in Sri Lanka.