What's around Sri Lanka villas

Why stay in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the most underrated tropical destinations in the world. This tiny yet magnificent island nation in the Indian Ocean boasts a beautiful blend of rich natural resources, vibrant city life, fascinating history, and colourful culture. Despite all these, this spectacular little gem remains to be under the radar for most travellers. Probably, this is also one of the reasons why the island stays as charming—it being an off the beaten track makes booking a villa in Sri Lanka all worthwhile.

Renting villas in Sri Lanka

Slowly, this paradise has been becoming one of Asia’s aspirational tropical destinations. It’s a good decision to book a villa in Sri Lanka now before it gets crowded with tourists in the near future. Whether you’re planning to stay in the capital city of Colombo or in one of the palm-fringed beaches of the island, we’ve got a good selection of luxury villas where you can choose from. Each Sri Lanka villa promises to provide the ultimate holiday getaway that you’ve been dreaming of, with its world-class services and 5-star facilities. These accommodations are equipped with spacious rooms, elegantly decorated spaces, private swimming pools, and lush lounging areas—each one guaranteeing that you will have the time of your life in your own home away home!
Guess what? Sri Lanka has a fair share of stunning yet affordable beach villas where you can enjoy some Vitamin Sea right up your doorstep!

Activities and points of interest in Sri Lanka

The island is famous for being a great spot for watersports. If you decide to check out the outdoors of your villa in Sri Lanka, we recommend trying out at least one water activity to get the whole island experience. Based on our personal experiences, the friendly waters of Bentota is a great spot for surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.
Apart from watersports, there are still many other reasons for you to explore the scene beyond your Sri Lanka villa. Besides beaches, the island is also abundant with awe-inspiring attractions for hiking. Take Sigiriya Rock for instance. It is a magnificent ancient rock forest, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic city of Galle is also another the charming attraction in Sri Lanka that has marked its presence on the UNESCO list.

Family activities in Sri Lanka

The island is filled with fascinating temples that both kids and the whole family will surely admire. Among our favourite ones is the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, a temple that actually houses the relic of the tooth of the Buddha.
Other than visiting temples and other indoor tourist attractions, one of our favourite things to do too when we get out of our family villas in Sri Lanka is to enjoy the abundant wildlife of the island. This, we believe, will make a strong appeal to your kids as well! There are many safaris all over this island, but Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park are one of the best out there. For more activities, check out our article about what to do with kids in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Compared to other tropical destinations in the world, this charming little island’s nightlife is a bit hushed. Some of our guests enjoy an intimate company instead inside their own private villa in Sri Lanka—but only after enjoying a good gastronomic adventure outside. The local cuisine parallels to South Indian food, as it has been honed by many different historical factors. To get the most authentic local experience, Pier 88 Nebula in Bentota and Lucky Fort Restaurant in Galle are a common recommendation from the whole team. These are some of our favourite options near your villas in Sri Lanka.