Black River villas for rent

Black River, one of the most elegant districts of the island, is home to many luxurious villas and resorts. The beaches offer stunning views of the endless ocean, pristine white sands and are perfect spots for watching the glorious sunrises and sunsets. There are also many attractions around, making it one of the favourites among tourists.

The vacation homes in Black River are beautifully furnished, close to the scenic beach and offers sweeping views of the ocean and coastline. Your villa will ensure ultimate privacy, excellent service and you can expect many incredible amenities such as an infinity pool, large garden and concierge services. Some villas also offer exclusive access to clubhouses, where there are more facilities such as Kids Club, billiard tables and restaurants.

In Black River, you will never run out of things to do. Visit Black River Gorges Park for a scenic hike; Le Morne Brabant - a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Chamarel, the seven-coloured earth and the list goes on. The villa manager will be able to arrange for transport or tours to bring you around these attractions.