What's around Chiang Rai villas

Why stay in Chiang Rai

The culture-rich city of Chiang Rai is an enchanting destination to see. Often just a side trip from its more popular neighbouring sister Chiang Mai, you’ll soon discover why spending a few nights in a Chiang Rai villa or serviced apartment is one of the best decisions when you travel to Thailand. With so many attractions to see, this charming city is definitely worthy of deeper exploration.

Renting villas and serviced apartments in Chiang Rai

Here in the artistic city of North Thailand, you’re going to have a lot of touring to do. It’s important to have a comfortable place to stay, where you and your travel buddies can have a good night’s sleep in preparation for busy days ahead. Whether you’re coming here as a family, with friends, or with your partner, you can choose from our wide variety of Chiang Rai serviced apartments and villas and you’ll surely find something that will match your needs and taste.

Family activities in Chiang Rai

One of our favourite destinations in the city is the Singha Park. It’s a scenic farmlike park accessible to our Chiang Rai serviced apartments. Singha Park features a tram, tea plantations, orchards, trails, and a petting zoo.

Activities and points of interest in Chiang Rai

If it’s your first time visiting the city, be sure to check out the city’s major landmarks. This includes the majestic Huai Pla Kung Temple, Thailand’s biggest Guan Yin statue, as well as the Black, Blue & White Temples. There are also several tea plantations in the area. So if you’re a tea lover, we recommend visiting one of those while staying at a Chiang Rai serviced apartment.

Chiang Rai’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Foodies will be delighted to know that our Chiang Rai villas and serviced apartments are located near the city’s night market. Here, you can find food stalls offering Khao Soi, a must-try northern Thai speciality that you can’t find anywhere else in other regions of Thailand.