What's around Kep villas

Why stay in Kep

One of the best charms of this sleepy seaside village is its slow and quiet atmosphere. Often just a side trip to its more popular neighbouring city Kampot, tourists don’t usually allot more than a day to enjoy the coastal’s provinces serenity. But wait until you’re able to spend a night or two in one of our villas in Kep and you’ll be delighted to discover all the things that this hidden treasure of a town has to offer.

Villas in Kep

A laidback destination such as this may be uncrowded, be we don’t run out with beautiful Kep villas that will ensure your best tropical vacation on the island. Equipped with a luxurious bedroom, private pool, and lush lawns—these tropical abodes are everything you need for a recharge from the stress of the city life. If you need anything for your stay in Cambodia, simply let our Concierge team know!

Family activities in Kep

With our Kep villas being surrounded by kid-friendly activities, families are more than encouraged to consider staying a night or two in the village in order to make the most out of their visit. Just some of our favourite must-visit attractions include the fascinating Sothy's Pepper Farm, Max Discovery Cambodia for the adventurous children, and Kep National Park for the animal lovers.

Activities and points of interest in Kep

There’s nothing more relaxing knowing you can just laze around the beautiful beaches all day long without minding about the rest of the world. But your Kep villa is surrounded by other unusual tourist attractions too, so make sure to squeeze it in your day to make the most out of your stay. For unique things to do in the village, we recommend checking out the historical ruins of pre-war mansions dating way back in the 1960s. After which, you can rent a tuk-tuk driver to bring you around salt fields and watch the locals while they gather piles of salt—an interesting scene to see from the everyday life of locals.
Don't forget to spend a few days in Siem Reap and check out Angkor Wat!

Kep’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Kep is infamous for its fresh crabs. You simply cannot leave your Kep villa without stuffing yourself with a sumptuous crab feast. Make your way to the Crab Market, pick your seafood, and have it cooked the way you want it!