What's around Kerala villas

Why stay in Kerala

It might be hard to imagine a vibrant country like India to have a laid-back side. But if you’re looking for a tropical getaway packed with palm-fringed beaches, stunning backwaters, and rich fauna, booking a villa in Kerala is the perfect holiday vacation for you. Check out our team’s recommendations below to make the most out of your stay here.

Villas in Kerala

Indulgent and paradisal—two words that best describe our Kerala villas. Each one is personally handpicked by our team of travel experts to ensure your most luxurious stay here on the island. Imagine having your very own space tucked away in a lush Indian paradise, equipped with a private pool, sprawling lounge area, and outdoor bathroom—isn’t it dreamy?

Activities and points of interest

The area surrounding our villas in Kerala is filled with tons of opportunities for unique experiences. At the top of our list is a houseboat cruise along the backwaters. Whichever tour you decide to take, each one offers a scenic ride through the state’s wealthy flora, which is home to exotic birdlife and local dwellers. Another highly suggested activity is a visit to a spice plantation. You may have already known that spices play a huge role in India’s colourful heritage. So if you want to get the full experience, be sure not to miss out on this activity!

Family activities

Parents who are planning to bring their kids to a tropical holiday here will find a plethora of activities to make their trip absolutely unforgettable! Spend a relaxing morning at Marari Beach. After which, you can schedule a day trip to Periyar, a park that is a haven to wonderful wildlife. Go on a jungle walk and get a chance to encounter lovely Indian species including Asian elephants, giant squirrels, monkeys, and over 260 species of bird.

Restaurants, cafes & bars

Conveniently located near our Kerala villas, be sure not to leave the state without checking out our favourite food spot! Take note of Paragon Restaurant, a place where we find ourselves coming back to whenever in the area. It was ranked as India’s best restaurant for coastal cuisine by Times Now Foodie Awards.
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