What's around Nha Trang villas

Why stay in Nha Trang

From long sandy beaches to waterfalls and mountains—name it, this coastal city has it! Increasingly becoming more popular over the years, it’s great you’ve decided to book a stay in one of Nha Trang villas or serviced apartments now than later before this destination becomes overcrowded with curious tourists. Read on and find out the awesome things in store for you on your upcoming Vietnam trip!

Renting villas and serviced apartments in Nha Trang

Chic, functional, and comfortable–three words to best describe the items on our collection of Nha Trang villas and serviced apartments. When visiting a paradise like this, you deserve to stay in a place that feels cosy. With fully-equipped kitchens, functional living areas, and nice bedrooms, it’s not difficult to find something here that you can call home away from home.

Family activities in Nha Trang

With so many activities meant for kids, the city is absolutely something worth visiting with the family. Beaches near your villas and serviced apartments in Nha Trang are ideal venues for scuba diving. Check out schools around the area offering junior lessons for children who want to explore the ocean. After which, don’t forget to take the whole family on a mud bath. This is a fun, healthy, and relaxing activity that you can enjoy together.

Activities and points of interest in Nha Trang

As mentioned, the outdoor scene surrounding our villas in Nha Trang is rich in natural resources. One of these is the Ba Ho Waterfall, which requires a little hiking to reach, but the waterfalls at the end surely make up for the extra effort! Other recommended sights to see include the stunning Po Nagar Cham Towers and humongous Long Son Pagoda.

Nha Trang’s restaurants, cafes & bars

When in Vietnam, food trip should never miss your itinerary. There’s a night market near your villas in Nha Trang which is our favourite place to get cheap and tasty dishes (along with souvenir shopping, of course!). Some of our go-to snacks include rice vermicelli with jellyfish (Bun Cha Sua) and mini pancakes with squid (Banh Can).
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