What's around Phuket villas

Why Stay in Phuket

Phuket is commonly referred to as the 'Pearl of the Andaman' and for very good reasons! We all love its amazing scenery, magnificent beaches, warm tropical climate and stunning villas for rent. Phuket ticks all of the right boxes to be considered a truly incredible travel destination for people of all ages.

Interesting Facts About Phuket

Did you know? Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is made up of 32 smaller islands off its coastline. Phuket lies off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. It is connected by a bridge to the southern Phang Nga Province, approximately 890 km from Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok.

Renting villas in Phuket

Many of our Phuket villas for rent are within close proximity to some of Thailand’s best beaches and Phuket’s most popular tourist attractions. Many luxury villas enjoy a beachfront location, so you have a piece of white sandy beach all to yourself! With a wide variety of different options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect Phuket villa to suit your preferences.
From panoramic ocean views to your own private chef ready to cook a selection of the finest Thai cuisine, we are certain that these Phuket villas have everything you need to experience an amazing holiday in paradise!

Family Activities in Phuket

Phuket is considered one of the most family orientated destinations in Thailand. From outdoor activities such as Atv adventures, island hopping, snorkelling, etc. — to indoor playgrounds and large shopping malls, you will find plenty of entertainment options for the whole family to enjoy. Finding suitable entertainment and fun activities for children of all ages is never a problem in Phuket. And of course, you can't leave Phuket without indulging in a good dose of Vitamin Sea. For families, we recommend Bang Tao, Surin and Kamala for kid-friendly beaches.
Need some inspirations? Check out our article about what to do in Phuket with kids!

Activities and Points of Interest in Phuket

In Phuket, you can find plenty of things to do at all hours during the day and night. With most daytime activities and popular tourist attractions being located near our Phuket beach villas, you will have plenty of fun options near your villa to keep yourself occupied.
Spend the day relaxing at one of Phuket’s magnificent tropical beaches and witness the wonderful tropical scenery from local viewpoints overlooking the Andaman Sea. Radar Hill, Windmill Viewpoint and Khao Rang Viewpoint are our favourite spots! You can also participate in one of the many exciting adventurous tour activities around the island, such as jet-ski hire, parasailing, elephant trekking or zip-lining through the jungle tree-tops.
At night Patong is Phuket’s central hub for all partying activity. The area around Soi Bangla Road consists of more than 200 pubs (that’s a lot!), bars, go-go bars, restaurants and discotheques. And this is where the action does not stop until very late at night (or early in the morning).
You will also find numerous night markets happening on different nights throughout the week around Phuket. Here you can buy anything you need including fashion, souvenirs, holiday gifts, Thai trinkets, etc. You can also indulge in some delicious Thai ‘street-food’ at the majority of night markets.
Phuket is also a great base for exploring the nearby islands and must-see tourist attractions, such as the world-famous Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands.
No matter your age, mood or preference, Phuket definitely has a wide range of fun activities for all to enjoy.

Phuket’s Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Phuket is world-renowned for serving up some of the most incredible Thai cuisine. From high-end dining to authentic Thai street food, you will find a wide variety of amazing dining options to suit your taste buds. There are also plenty of friendly cafes, cocktail bars and beach-side restaurants to compliment Phuket’s relaxed, island-style pace of life. Give Red Duck Restaurant and Sawasdee a try.