What’s around Pollensa Villas

In the northwest part of Spain’s Balearic Island of Majorca lies the charming ancient town of Pollensa. Its rich history and laid-back atmosphere are just two of its most alluring qualities that never fail to fascinate tourists from all corners of the world.
Pollensa offers a plethora of cultural attractions and easygoing activities for those who are seeking a relaxing holiday vacation. If you’re looking to avoid the crowded tourist spots in Majorca, stay in one of the many beautiful villas in Pollensa.

Interesting facts about Pollensa

It may be a bit hard to imagine now but Pollensa used to be a quiet fishing village. The town still sits in a large marina where fishermen used to sail, but it’s mostly used for leisure purposes now. However, you'll still spot some traditional flauts around the area, which were used by locals for catching fish.

Villas in Pollensa

Our Pollensa villas are perfect for vacationers who are looking forward to having a relaxing tropical getaway far from crowded beaches. While our accommodations are conveniently located close to the town’s main attractions, we personally handpicked the villas that promise to provide a serene experience for its future guests.
Whether you’re coming alone for soul-searching in this tropical island of Spain or visiting with the whole family for summer, there’s surely a Pollensa villa that will match your needs.

Family activities in Pollensa

It’s quite easy to keep the kids happy during your holiday stay in our Pollensa villas. Nearby, you’ll stumble upon fun family activities that will entertain both parents and children.
Given that you’ll be staying within Spain’s Balearic Island, you’ll never go wrong with a beach trip. Take a dip in the water, build sandcastles at the shore, or go on a glass boat bottom excursion. If your kids just can't get enough of the water, there's also a waterpark close to our villas in Pollensa. It’s called MarAventura Inflatable Waterpark, and it features exciting slides and obstacle courses about 200 metres out to sea.

Activities and points of interest in Pollensa

There’s no better way to start your vacation in this charming rural destination of Spain than by exploring it on a historical level. The area around your villa in Pollensa is dotted with landmarks that represent Majorca’s rich history. One of our favourites is the 15th-century Roman Bridge, which you’ll find at the near edge of the town. Another must-visit attraction is the Convent and Cloister of Santo Domingo, which was also built between the 1500s to 1600s. And of course, your stay in one of our Pollensa villas won’t be complete without paying a visit to Plaza Mayor, which sits in an 18th-century Parroquial church called Our Lady of The Angels' Parish Church.

Pollensa’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Plaza Mayor is a great place to satisfy the foodie in you. It’s packed with our favourite cosy cafes like Mise En Place. If you do plan on checking it out, we suggest booking your stay in one of our Pollensa villas on a weekend. The town’s Sunday Market is one of the best ones in Majorca, frequently visited by both locals and tourists alike.