Why You should Stay in Puglia Villas

When you feel like getting away from it all, Puglia is the destination you’ll want to escape to. The region is known for its abundant countryside, beautiful landscapes and gentle, relaxed pace of life—elements that make up a restful and rejuvenating holiday.

Villas for rent in Puglia

We offer a wide selection of Puglia villas for rent, including idyllic hilltop retreats, dreamy beachfront villas and tranquil countryside getaways.
Can’t decide on where to stay? We know each of our properties inside out—so let us know your requirements, and we’ll recommend a vacation home that best meets your needs. Whichever villa you choose, you’re guaranteed luxurious amenities, impeccable service and an incredible holiday experience.

Family activities in Puglia

Bari—the capital city of Puglia and a lively port town—is a destination that lends itself to family vacationers. Travellers of all ages will enjoy exploring the city’s postcard-pretty old town, historic attractions and family-friendly beaches.
Renting a Puglia villa in the city is a great option if you’re travelling with young children. The villa concierge can arrange for child-minding services, plan customised travel experiences and assist with other holiday needs you may have.
The picturesque old town of Bari Vecchia is home to meandering walkways and piazzas lined with restaurants, cafes and shops. Also located within the old town are key attractions like the Basilica di San Nicola, a Romanesque-style church with an impressive facade, and the Cathedral of Saint Sabinus (Bari Cathedral). The highlight of the latter is its beautiful crypt, which serves as an archeological museum.
When you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Piazza Mercantile (it’s located a five-minute walk from the Cathedral of Saint Sabinus). The square boasts a vibrant atmosphere, and you’ll find restaurants, bars and cafes aplenty. It’s a great spot to enjoy a meal, people-watch or stroll along the streets with a gelato in hand.
Your holiday in Puglia won’t be complete without enjoying the region’s scenic coastlines. Pane e Pomodoro is located a 10-minute ride, or a half-hour stroll from Bari Vecchia. Lido San Francesco—a family-friendly beach with a restaurant, snack stands and beach amenities—is 11 minutes’ drive from Bari Vecchia. A visit to Cala Porta Vecchia, a picturesque beach framed by whitewashed houses, is best combined with a day trip to the town of Monopoli. Cala Porta Vecchia is located about 45 minutes’ drive from Bari Vecchia.
Beyond Bari, some of the region’s most popular kid-friendly attractions include ZooSafari Fasanolandia, Aquapark Egnazia and Jonian Dolphin Conservation.

Activities and points of interest in Puglia

The Salento Peninsula, located in the south of Puglia is known for its picture-perfect beaches, coastal towns and scrumptious street food.
We recommend renting a Puglia villa in Lecce, the biggest city in Salento. It’s a great base from which you can make day trips to visit the surrounding towns. Lecce is a history buff’s dream come true—the city is home to 12 museums, a number which offer free entry for visitors.
The coastal town of Otranto is a 40-minute drive from Lecce. Visit its historic old town and the Otranto Cathedral, which features a crypt, a chapel of skulls and stunning mosaics dating back to the 12th century. From the heart of Otranto, take a 30-minute drive out to Grotta della Poesia, an attraction that is listed by the National Geographic as one of the most beautiful natural reservoirs in the world.
There’s more to discover in Salento beyond Otranto. Other key attractions include Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca and Porto Selvaggio.
The Gargano Promontory, located in the northern region of Puglia offers diverse attractions. There are hiking trails, beautiful beaches, famous pilgrimage sites and medieval towns to explore. You’ll easily find a wide range of Puglia villas for rent, so getting your accommodations settled will be a task you can quickly check off your list.
The region’s landmark attraction is the Gargano National Park, a protected nature reserve that stretches out across 300000 acres. It includes the Umbra Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the archipelago of Tremiti Islands. The latter comprises five islands, of which the most popular is San Domino. There, you can enjoy boat trips, snorkelling, scuba diving and picnicking along the sun-kissed shores of the island.
Vacationers often rent a Puglia villa in the coastal town of Vieste, as it is an ideal base from which to visit the Gargano National Park. The town also offers a variety of attractions and activities: frolic under the sun at Spiaggia di Castello, shop for fresh local produce at Mercato di Vieste, visit the Vieste Cathedral and explore Vieste Vecchia, the historic town centre.
If you’re planning to explore a different part of Gargano, you may consider renting a Puglia villa at one of the region’s more popular coastal or hilltop towns. These include Monte Sant'Angelo, Mattinata, Vico del Gargano and Peschici.

Puglia’s restaurants, cafes & bars

It’s Italy—so you’re bound to discover a vibrant food scene, no matter which part of the country you’re at. The specialty dishes and local produce of Puglia are wide-ranging, and include Rustico Leccese, a puff pastry with fillings, Bella di Cerignola, which are plump, buttery olives that originate from Foggia, orecchiette, a type of pasta shaped like little ears and bombetta Pugliese, meat rolls stuffed with melted cheese and pancetta.
When you rent a Puglia villa, you can also opt for self-catering or in-villa dining experiences prepared by a private chef. There are plenty of shops and markets offering fresh produce and ingredients, which makes self-catering convenient. Or leave the shopping and menu planning to the villa concierge—all you need to do is sit back, and let the restaurant experience be brought right to your table.