What's around Sumba villas

Why stay in Sumba

This destination in the east of Bali is one of the lesser-known islands of Indonesia. But that’s the charm of it all! Booking a villa in Sumba takes you to a surprising retreat—one you’ve never imagined to exist among the country’s 17,000 islands. Check out our team’s recommendations below for the best time on the island!

Villas in Sumba

Handpicked by our team of experts, our collection of Sumba villas is carefully curated to indulge guests in a luxurious trip. The features of our stunning homes vary from overlooking balconies to private jacuzzis to infinity pools. A night or two in one of our villas in Sumba is everything you’ve dreamed about the ultimate tropical getaway–but so much more.

Family activities in Sumba

Indonesia, in general, is absolutely a kid-loving archipelago. And the area around our villas in Sumba is not one to miss out! Some of our favourites include Tarimbang and Mananga Aba. These beautiful beaches are idyllic places to go picnic with your children.

Activities and points of interest in Sumba

Apart from beach-hopping, one of the most fascinating things you can explore around our Sumba villas is the traditional villages. The area is home to many tribal homes made with pointed roofs using dried grass. These Sumbanese houses can be often seen on hills and mountains—believed to bring dwellers closer to spirits and their ancestors—circled around tombs and altars.
Alternatively, surfers will be delighted to know that Sumba’s waters create incredible surf breaks. So if you fancy the sport, make sure to give the waves a ride.

Sumba’s restaurants, cafes & bars

For our Muslim guests, we recommend Mr. Cafe for their awesome Halal-food menu. For a taste of local food with a nice view and airy ambience, check out the PC Corner Cafe. Another team favourite for its traditional Sumbanese-designed facade and a wide variety of cuisine options is Warung Gula Garam.