What's around Canggu 1 bedroom villas

Canggu, where stunning rice paddies meet black sand beaches, is one of the emerging tourist hangouts in Bali. Just North of Seminyak, the area is slowly gaining popularity over the years. so make sure to book your 1-bedroom Canggu villa for your romantic Bali trip now before the neighbourhood becomes even more crowded.
Our 1-bedroom Canggu villas vary from holiday rentals close to the beach to those sitting on rice fields. Whichever the case, you’ll surely get the same tropical experience that you are coming here for. You’ll get to enjoy your private pool, lounging area, spacious room, and luxurious bathroom, at your own pace and privacy. It’s like living the best of both worlds! You’ll be able to relish in your own dreamy 1-bedroom Canggu villa for as much as you want, but right at the moment when you’re ready to get your toes dirty, just go out and explore everything this charming little town has to offer. From beautiful surf breaks to laid-back coast bars, your 1-bedroom Canggu villa seems to have got it all for your perfect Bali experience.