What's around Ubud villas

Why stay in Ubud

As Bali’s cultural centre, this area is great for those who want a rich traditional experience and those seeking a much-needed soulsearching. Filled with world-renowned stunning rice paddies, deciding to stay in an Ubud villa never goes wrong for any traveller who’s craving for a laidback countryside vacation. Get ready for the ultimate tropical vacation of your life, ‘cause you’re definitely in for a treat!

Villas in Ubud for rent

We don’t exaggerate when we say that this town is filled with plenty of beautiful accommodations, that you might find it a little difficult to take your pick. We have an amazing collection of Ubud villas that are perfect for any types of traveller—be it honeymooners, friends, or families. Spoiled with your own private pool, lush lounging areas, open-air bathrooms, and dreamy bedrooms, you have no choice but to deal with a higher set of standards after this vacation.

Family activities in Ubud

The area’s relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for families travelling with kids. Good thing our villas in Ubud are conveniently scattered near the town’s family-friendly attractions. It makes it easy for you to build great holiday memories with your children.
Ubud is an amazing opportunity for parents to introduce cultural diversity to little ones. We recommend doing these by bringing kids to Bali temples. Some of our favourites in the area are Saraswati Temple and Puri Saren Agung. Ubud is also famous for its giant swings knotted in between towering palm trees. Imagine how fun it would be for your children to experience an outdoor playground in the middle of lush forests? For this activity, we recommend Bali Swing and Uma Pakel Agro Tourism.

Activities and points of interest in Ubud

The area is so abundant with beautiful puras, so we recommend it not only for family guests staying in our Ubud villas but also to couples and friends on a getaway. Another must-visit in this charming town is its rice terraces. Whether on foot or by bike, we suggest going on a tour during golden hours, as this makes your visit a couple more stunning. And to complete your Ubud experience, consider booking a yoga class at Yoga Barn. Here, you’ll meet a bunch of backpackers and tourists seeking the same solitude that you went for here in Bali.
To cap off your day, we suggest going for an authentic Indonesian spa or shop your hearts out at Ubud Market. Tip: it’s generally cheaper to shop for souvenirs here than in other tourist areas on the island.

Ubud’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Our villas in Ubud are surrounded by great restaurants and cafes, so make sure to dedicate a spot in your itinerary for some food trip!
For an authentic local meal, check out of Melting Wok Warung. This place is often packed with diners though, so make sure to call ahead if you don’t want to get hungry while queueing. Take note of Moksa Plant-based Restaurant as well. We love their healthy options and amazing views. And for cafes, our favourite is Seniman Coffee Studio. Grab a cup of coffee here and you’ll easily understand what the fuss is all about.