What's around Legian villas

Why stay in Legian

Booking a Bali villa in Legian is perfect if you want to experience both the vibrant crowd of Kuta and the chic streets of Seminyak but on a more relaxed and less crowded vibe. Legian is located right after Kuta, making it quite as popular as its precedent area. But wait until you get to know more about it, and you’ll see that Legian stands on its own when it comes to Instagrammable spots and journal-worthy activities.

Renting Legian villas

Legian is at the centre of everything that’s hot on the island. Each place is exceptional in its own way, giving you a sense of privacy and intimacy that you are looking for in each accommodation. Legian villas in Bali are equipped with your own comfortable room, lounging area, and spacious bathrooms—providing the luxurious lifestyle of Seminyak, with the affordability of Kuta. Many of our villas have three or four bedrooms, making them the perfect size for a family holiday or a friendly retreat with friends.

Family activities in Legian

Legian is one of the friendliest neighbourhoods in Bali. Take a fun day out at the Dream Museum Zone, our team’s favourite ‘wefie’ spot because of its cool life-sized 3D murals. Pandora Experience is also a stone’s throw away to our Legian Bali villas, so make sure to check this out if thrilling escape rooms are your family’s kind of thing! Check out this article for more things to do in Bali with kids.

Activities and points of interest in Legian

There is no shortage of things to do when you book a Bali villa in Legian. Your place is at the centre of the island’s famous tourist attractions such as the Armada Flow House. It is an all-in-one entertainment complex where you can learn how to flowboard, lounge around, and food trip at the same time. Legian art markets are also one of our preferred places to shop for unique souvenirs and random knick-knacks. We never get out of the area without buying some cute accessories and home decors!

Legian’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Legian villas provide quick access to the island’s most popular bars and food spots. Make sure to put Fat Bowl on your list of restaurants to try. They’ve got a 30-centimetre burger that would leave up to five people bloated! And for a memorable night out, you can check out 61 Legian. They’ve got several bar establishments to choose from, whether you’re looking for a chill pub to drink at or an awesome club to rave the night away.