What's around Bay of Islands vacation rentals

Why stay in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

If you are a beach lover, you will find paradise in the Bay of Islands. Home to pristine beaches, rich marine life, and Maori cultural, this subtropical area in the North Island is absolutely unmissable. Start planning your ultimate New Zealand getaway by finding the perfect Bay of Islands holiday home here!

Holiday homes in the Bay of Islands

Enjoy this prime destination with your very own holiday home in the Bay of Islands. Equipped with luxurious features such as scenic balconies and private pool, our Bay of Islands rentals guarantee a vacation of a lifetime! If you need anything during your stay, our Concierge team will be more than happy to help you!

Family activities in the Bay of Islands

There’s a plethora of activities that will keep kids entertained around our holiday homes in the Bay of Islands. On top of our list is swimming with dolphins. There are several tour operators in the area offering this experience. You’ll be spending time with these wild aquatic animals in their natural habitat, so you can rest assured that this activity is completely safe and ethical. Another recommended activity for the whole family is a day spent in Action World Paihia. Unleash the adventurous in your kids at the park’s thrillseeking activities including an inflatable slide, flying trapeze, circus high wire, and climbing wall.

Activities and points of interest in the Bay of Islands

There are tons of must-visit places near our holiday homes in the Bay of Islands. For your cultural fix, check out the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, the birthplace of New Zealand and the country's most important historical site. For nature attractions, there are several ways on how you can explore the rich resources that the region has to offer. You can either go on an overnight cruise, rent a bike, ride a kayak, go snorkelling, or even ride the helicopter.
While you are in New Zealand, don't forget to check out the South Island and its scenic surrounding as well! We are sure you will have an amazing time in Mount Cook!

The Bay of Island’s restaurants, cafes & bars

New Zealand is known for its fine wine. Luckily, there’s a good spot to sample on it near our holiday homes in the Bay of Islands. It’s called Ake Ake Vineyard Restaurant and we highly suggest checking that out! Another option that's high on our list is Food at Wharepuke. It’s awesome not only for their menu but also for the incredible view that it has to offer.