What's around Mount Cook vacation rentals

Why stay in Mount Cook

Home to New Zeland’s highest mountain, Aoraki National Park is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after wilderness in the Southern Hemisphere. Photographers, mountaineers, and travel enthusiasts highly covet this destination for its scenic trails and breathtaking landscapes. Holidaying in this scenic heaven soon? Check out our accommodations in Mount Cook.

Accommodations in Mount Cook

Going for a photo tour in the majestic Mount Cook? Want to hike the towering peaks of the area? We’ve got you covered! Our accommodation in Mount Cook offers you a comfortable stay while enjoying the rich flora that this glorious destination has to offer. Not only that—our perfectly curated Mount Cook accommodations allow you to enjoy Aoraki’s views 24/7, so you can make the most out of your stay here in one of New Zealand’s favourite spots. Our Concierge team is always on standby to help you arrange anything you need.

Activities and points of interest in Mount Cook

Tourists who stay in our Mount Cook accommodations go here to enjoy the park’s many panoramic trails. But don’t worry if you’re not a professional mountaineer just yet. The destination also offers options for beginners that are just as beautiful. Alternatively, you can also get up close and personal to Mount Cook’s features via cruise. The Tasman Glacier Lake Cruise offers a unique experience that involves seeing jaw-dropping views of the mountains, touching icebergs of every shapes and size, and even tasting ancient glacial crystals.

Mount Cook’s restaurants, cafes & bars

There aren’t a lot of food spots around our Mount Cook accommodations, but for a small village, you can consider the options to be very impressive. One of our team’s favourites here is The Old Mountaineers Café Bar and Restaurant. This cute little lodge offers items made with organic ingredients, which we think is always a plus! For special occasions, we recommend The Panorama Restaurant, Mount Cook’s most upscale dining establishment. Its intimate set-up is perfect for romantic dinners and other celebrations. However, take note that it’s typically closed during the winter season.