Amed, Candidasa & East Bali villas for rent

The East coast of Bali is dominated by the ocean on one side and Mount Agung - Bali's highest volcano and sacred cultural center - on the other. Staying in a villa in East Bali means you have easy access to excellent hiking, trekking, diving, water palaces and rice terraces which can be found throughout this scenic and mountainous region.

Situated on the coast, Candidasa villas boast beachfront settings and infinity pools overlooking the ocean and neighboring islands on the horizon. Amed, located on the easternmost point of Bali, is a quiet fishing village that is slowly becoming a popular destination for honeymooners and families due to its diving and beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. Villas here boast uninterrupted views out to the island’s rugged eastern coasts, and offer a quiet, peaceful ambience.

Your vacation at Amed will be restful and relaxing - just the kind of holiday that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Begin your mornings on the right note with a yoga class at Amed Yoga Shala, or a session of yoga and meditation at Apneista. Or have your villa manager call in an instructor for a private yoga class in your villa! If you're not into yoga, take a stroll to the beach near your villa and let yourself soak in the nice and warm Bali sun.

Amed offers great dive sites for diving enthusiasts: there’s Uyah Reef and Cemeluk Reef at Cemeluk Bay, and beyond the bay lie diving points like Bunutan Reef and Lipah Reef. Take a 20-minute drive out to Tulamben, where you’ll find renowned dive sites like the USS Liberty wreck (perfect for those who are into night diving!), the ‘Drop Off’ and Paradise Reef. If you haven’t tried freediving - a form of underwater diving that relies on the divers’ ability to hold their breath - Apneista offers a level one basic course for travellers new to the activity, along with courses for advanced freedivers.

Excellent diving can be enjoyed at Candidasa too, with renowned sites like Amuk Bay, a swathe of white sand beaches stretching out from Candidasa to Padang Bai and the Blue Lagoon. A great diversity of marine life can be seen at both dive sites, and the calmer waters at the Blue Lagoon makes it a site suitable for less experienced divers.

Apart from diving, Candidasa throws out plenty of options for sightseeing. If you’re staying in town, enjoy a day of sun, sand and fun at Pasir Putih, a stretch of white sand coast fringed with coconut palms. Or make a day trip out to visit family-friendly attractions like the Goa Lawah Temple, the picture-perfect Tirta Gangga and the quaint village of Tenganan, where a community of locals retain the traditions and culture of the Bali Aga (a term that translates to mean ‘the original Balinese).