What's around Amed villas

Want to experience the complete Bali holiday, but hoping to get away from crowds in the South? The laid-back life in our Amed villas is perfect for your exact taste in vacation. While the pace of life is a lot more relaxed as compared to the other tourist hubs in Bali, it definitely doesn’t lack when it comes to island activities. These Amed villas are equipped with beautiful rooms, luxurious bathrooms, lush gardens, and private pools, fitting for the ultimate tropical experience that you are looking forward to.

Things to do around your Amed villa

Our villas in Amed are conveniently located near the area’s must-try activities such as free diving, wreck diving, and mountain climbing. Stunning hillside rice terraces and cloud-touching lush mountains are also easily accessible from every accommodation. If you want to explore Bali's popular tourist centres such as Seminyak, Ubud and Canggu, a day trip can be easily arranged by our Concierge team.
Stop wondering and start turning your dream island vacation into reality. Browse our list of Amed villas now.