What's around Seminyak family villas

Stay in Seminyak with your family

When choosing a destination for family trips, Bali is always an excellent option. As the island promises a wide range of tourist attractions, there’s surely something that will delight every type of traveller. When it comes to finding the perfect accommodation, one of your best options are family villas in Seminyak. While there’s a lot of things to amuse the adults in the area, the town also houses tons of kid-friendly activities to choose from.

Renting family villas in Seminyak

Catering to families, these villas in Seminyak come with child-friendly facilities such as baby chairs, cots, spacious lawn, and private pools. Here, you can spend your much-needed me time while basking in the sun, while the kids enjoy bathing at their very own swimming pool. If you are looking for a child-friendly villa, simply let us know what you need, we'll find the right one for you.

Family activities in Seminyak

Watersports always top our list of family-friendly things to do in Seminyak. We recommend checking out Bali Green Surf School if you want to start learning how to ride the waves while keeping the island green. Another one on our list of favourite activities is going on an Indonesian cooking class. From going to the market to creating actual dishes, this is definitely a productive activity where both you and your child can learn a lot. Lastly, a kid-friendly spa session. The island is world-famous for its indulgent spa treatments. You can book an entire room at a nearby spa centre or call some therapists to your family villa in Seminyak. This way, you and your whole family can enjoy the services in complete privacy. Here's our guide to things to do with kids in Bali. Check it out!

Family attractions in Seminyak

If it’s your family’s first time in Seminyak, it is always worthy to go out of your family villa in Seminyak to check out all the wonderful attractions that the island has to offer. One of our favourite spots in town is the Double Six Beach. It’s a beautiful sandy beach where you can go on a food trip while waiting for the sun to set. Before flying out of Bali, we also suggest checking out the flea market to get your souvenirs and score some high-quality leather goods.
If you want to be close to nature, we suggest going to Monkey Forest, Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud or snorkel in Pemuteran. We love those places!

Family restaurants & cafes in Seminyak

The area is filled with hip cafes and restaurants—particularly delicious whole foods. Going out of your family villa in Seminyak and visiting at least one of the town’s best vegan food spots is a good way to get your kids started with their healthy lifestyle. One of our favourite cafes in Seminyak is Clean Canteen. They serve some of the most delicious vegan burgers on the island! Green Guru also tops our list for their yummy smoothie bowls.