What's around Hakuba chalets

Why stay in Hakuba

Hakuba is a perfect stop for those who are planning to explore more than one area in Japan. Located in between the Northern Japanese Alps of the island of Honshu, this old village is accessible to some of the most touristy cities in the island country. Vacationers who want to spend a few days in a ski resort before touring other places often find themselves staying in a stunning Hakuba chalet for a little while. We believe you should, too.

Interesting facts about Hakuba

The village’s road to fame was in 1998 when it hosted the Winter Olympics for alpine skiing downhill, super giant slalom, and combined slalom events. Ever since, more and more tourists fancy going on a snowy holiday vacation in Hakuba Japan.

Renting chalets in Hakuba

Apart from convenience, another factor that draws tourists to spend their sweet holidays in the village is the accommodation’s affordability. The truth of the matter is, booking a villa or chalet in Hakuba can be much cheaper as compared to other famous ski resorts in Japan like Niseko, with an experience that is just as grand.
A Hakuba chalet is suited for groups of friends, families, or even couples looking to enjoy a perfect winter holiday experience. With your very own fully-equipped kitchen, spacious living rooms, lavish bedrooms, and a stunning view of the Japanese Alps, it’s like your home away from home—only much more luxurious!

Family activities in Hakuba

We guarantee that you will have the best time enjoying the snow with your kids! Our accommodations in Hakuba are located just a stone’s throw away from the ski resorts in the village. Check out the services for snow tubing and snowmobile tours. Kids will definitely love their experience (even us kids at heart enjoyed it!).
While you’re staying in one of our Hakuba chalets, we suggest that you also try to squeeze in some cultural activities in your itinerary. Honshu offers a very rich history which you and your children can learn a lot from. Bring your kids to see Zenko-Ji Temple, a 7th-century temple, or the famous Snow Monkey Park, where they can get up close and personal with a breed of native Old World monkeys called Japanese macaque.
Read our Hakuba with Kids article for more family-friendly activities.

Activities and points of interest in Hakuba

Of course, skiing is easily our top recommended activity in the area. Tourists who are planning to go on a ski trip particularly covets to stay in a Hakuba chalet because of its steep zones, given that resorts are located in between the palatial Japanese Alps. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried hitting the slopes before. Even our friends who were beginner skiers managed to make their way down smoothly with the help of our expert instructors from the island’s ski schools. Check out our Hakuba ski guide.
After a tiring but fun day, we recommend capping it off with a relaxing onsen experience. Enjoy hot spring—the Japanese way!

Hakuba’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Is there any better option than to eat a hot bowl of tasty noodles in freezing cold weather? We’re always in a treat whenever we decide to dine at Maeda! Another favourite is a gastro-pub named Izakaya Hie. Their sushi and sashimi selections are best served with warm sake.
And if you’re looking to finish your night with a few drinks before heading back to your chalet, we suggest checking out The Pub if you’re a beer drinker or Mocking Bird if you’re more of a hard liquor fan. They’ve got regular live music that our team enjoys so much!