What's around Japan holiday rentals

Why stay in Japan

Have you decided to go on a ski trip for your next holiday vacation? We can’t be more thrilled for your next adventure! Being home to some of the snowiest resorts in the world, Niseko and Hakuba have absolutely become highly coveted ski destinations for families and sports enthusiasts. Start planning your ski trip and find the perfect ski chalet in Japan here.

Accommodations in Japan

A ski trip to either Niseko or Hakuba is never complete without the chalet life experience—being stone’s throw away from snow mountains and having your very own home overlooking the Japanese Alps is a recipe for a dream holiday vacation! Luckily, each of our holiday homes in Japan provides these luxuries and more of what you can ever imagine.

Activities and points of interest

There’s no better way to enjoy our stay than to use and abuse your skis. Niseko has got some of the most powdery snow in the world, making it an idyllic destination for skiing. In the same way that Hakuba offers spectacular steep zones, given its location in between Japanese Alps.
Cap off your days with a relaxing night at an onsen and enjoy hot spring the Japanese way.

Family activities in Japan

Our accommodations are conveniently located near resorts offering fun classes for kids who want to learn how to ski. Apart from the unlimited access to fine snow that is perfect for snowman building, other activities that your children won’t surely get enough of are snow tubing and snowmobiling.

Restaurants, cafes & bars

Complete your winter ski experience with a delicious bowl of hot soup. Take note of Abucha 2 for their authentic hot pot and Maeda! for their tasty noodles. Check out The Pub and Mocking Bird at Hakuba as well if you want to get a beer or two before heading back to your chalet.