Our villa inspection process

Discover how Villa Finder guarantees the high standards of all the villas we work with

Villa Finder guarantees the quality of villas we work with. In order to achieve this very high standard, we inspect all villas on a regular basis, for cleanliness and maintenance.
Did you know? We reject more than 50% of the villas we inspect.

Let’s follow our team during one of their inspection of Villa Yoga. Today, your guides are: Adrian, Aurélie, Avron, Daniel, and Sarah.

During every inspection, we check over 80 quality points.

In every bedroom, we check the bedding.

We review that there are enough glasses and cutlery.

We make sure that the air-conditioners are cooling properly.

We ensure that the swimming pool is clean.

We test the sun umbrellas and day beds.

We talk with the villa staff to learn everything else there is about the villa. And we share some best practices on energy conservation and waste management.

Finally, we leave a small gift for when you come :)

If you have any question about any of our villas, contact us now!