What's around Lombok villas

Why stay in Lombok

On the eastern side of Bali, Indonesia is a less famous but equally heavenly island called Lombok. While this paradise is commonly known to tourists as merely an island-hopping destination in between visits to Bali, its many natural wonders and colourful culture make it all worthwhile to stay in your own villa in Lombok itself.

Renting villas in Lombok

Our collection of Lombok villas promises a heavenly paradise experience for any type of travellers. Whether you’re planning to stay here by yourself or with your friends, family, or partner, you will surely find something that fits exactly what you need. Staying in one of our villas in Lombok will give you the ultimate tropical vacation that you are dreaming of, with the untouched natural beauty of the island complemented by a hint of luxurious facilities.

Family activities in Lombok

One of the most fascinating things about staying on a villa in Lombok is that you get to experience the rich culture of the island that is still very apparent up until these days. More than 80% of the inhabitants are Sasaks. Learning about their culture is one of the best ways to get the ultimate Lombok experience, and at the same time, teach your kids about lessons about arts, traditions, and diversity.
You’ll find that Lombok also provides great opportunities for kids who want to learn a thing or two about watersports. There are schools on the island that offers junior classes for surfing and scuba diving lessons—something that every water-loving kid will surely enjoy!

Activities and points of interest in Lombok

Never leave your Lombok villa without exploring Gili Islands, this group of three beautiful, tiny islands called Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. The Gilis are famed for their watersports such as scuba diving and snorkelling, as well as other activities such as swimming and partying. For this reason, backpackers are typically keen to go here to unwind and have a chill afternoon by the beach.
Level up your adventures by trekking to Indonesia’s second largest active mountain, Mount Rinjani. It may sound a little overwhelming to do an intensive activity on a relaxing getaway, but we are telling you, the view at the top of the Crater Lake will definitely make up for the extra sweat. It is majestic!

Lombok’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Two recommendations—Plecing Kangkung and Sate Bulayak. Plecing Kangkung is for our vegetable loving friends. This spicy water spinach salad contains blanched veggies that has a crunchy texture, topped with chilli shrimp paste dressing, grated coconut, garlic, deep-fried peanuts, and lime juice. We recommend getting this dish at Rumah Makan Taliwang. Sate Bulayak, on the other hand, is for our meat lovers out there. It’s a very tasty beef satay, served with a spicy, coconut milk sauce. What makes it extra special is the Bulayak served on the side, an elongated rice cake wrapped in palm leaves. Plenty of street vendors are selling this, but we highly recommend tasting the one in Taman Suranadi.