What's around Pattaya villas

Why stay in Pattaya

The Pattaya area in Thailand is an interesting blend of cultural attractions and modern activities. From religious temples to party streets, staying in one of our serviced apartments in Pattaya will surprise the curious tourist in you in ways you never imagined. Read on our personal recommendations below to get an overview of the variety of things you can go for when here on the island.

Villas in Pattaya

This popular resort city is best enjoyed in your own Pattaya villa. Here, you can enjoy lazing around your bed for as much as you want, chilling in your private pool while sipping on your favourite tropical drink, or just basking on your lounging area to get the perfect tan from the golden sun.

Family activities in Pattaya

There’s no doubt kids will love staying in one of our Pattaya villas! Nearby is the world's first Cartoon-Network-themed water park called the Cartoon Network Amazone, and it’s honestly everything we ever dreamed of as a kid! And if your children just can’t get enough of the water, there’s another recommended park in the area called Ramayana Water Park. Be sure to check that out too!

Activities and points of interest in Pattaya

Our Pattaya villas are surrounded by fascinating religious sites that you just can’t miss! Some of these include the interesting Sanctuary of Truth and the 18-metre Big Buddha Temple. The Buddha Mountain, where the largest engraving of Buddha in the world is, is also located in Pattaya.

Pattaya’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Thai cuisine is nothing but a delight. Head to MAYs Urban Thai Dine or Jasmin’s Cafe for some amazing dose of local food. The city has such a vibrant party scene too! If you want to check that out, come through the Walking Street before coming home to your Pattaya apartment.
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