Sigiriya villas for rent

Sigiriya is one of the most famous tourist attractions in all of Sri Lanka, perhaps better known as ‘Lion Rock’. This ancient rock fortress was home to the palace of King Kassapa I, the ruler of these lands from 477 until his death in 495. These days, this ancient city lies in ruins and it is still perched on top of the giant 200-meter high Lion Rock. It is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is visited by hundreds of tourists every day. Sigiriya is of great cultural and historical significance and one shouldn’t miss out on visiting this ancient place. The entrance gate is guarded by two giant lion paws, hence the name that this attraction goes by, and while climbing up, there are interesting wall carvings and paintings to admire. The actual fortress on top of the rock surely is intriguing but what it most striking from up there, is the view. There are two words for it: breathtakingly beautiful.