We created these guidelines for villa owners and staff in order to offer the best experience possible to travellers during this crisis. We will keep updating them with useful resources.

I. General guidelines

  • Use accurate, reputable sources of information including the WHO, and local authorities.
  • Make sure to follow local regulations.
  • Staff to ensure social distancing with guests, and vice versa.
  • Staff to wear a mask at all times (video on how to properly wear a mask).
  • Daily temperature screening for the staff.
  • Staff to frequently wash their hands with hand sanitizer or soap for at least 20 seconds (see video demonstration).
  • Have a proactive plan to manage and minimise risks of spreading the infection.

II. Before reopening the villa

  • Temperature screening of all staff.
  • Store away all decorative pillows, or other soft objects. Or buy protective covers that can be washed.
  • Train the staff on new distancing and cleaning guidelines.

III. During a stay

  1. Daily disinfection & sanitisation
    • Disinfect daily areas & surface that are frequently touched by guests: (video in Indonesian, English, Vietnamese)
      • COVID-19 is most likely to spread in the kitchen and the toilet (two high-traffic areas prone to contact or where someone may cough). Make sure your cleaning team focuses on these areas, wiping down each surface with a recommended cleaner.
      • Tables, countertops
      • Chair handles
      • Doorknobs
      • Sink taps
      • Light switches
      • Remote controls (TV, aircon)
      • Wardrobes
      • Fridge door
      • Utensils, cutlery and crockery
      • Water cooler taps (the red and blue buttons you press to release water)
      • Keys
      • Gym equipment
      • Phone
      • Guestbooks
      • Lounge chairs
      • Massage beds
      • Children facilities (bunk beds, toys, etc.)
      • Guest information, brochures, menus
    • Use a detergent or soap and water, and leave to act for enough time, usually 3 to 5 minutes (WHO)

  2. Linens
    • When cleaning bedrooms: linens and bedding should not be shaken, so as not to disperse viral particles into the air.
    • Wash at the highest temperature.
    • Dry completely before storing.
    • Change linens between stays.
    • Clean linens must be kept separate from used ones.

  3. Handling food
    • Staff to wear gloves when preparing and handling food.
    • Cover food properly to prevent contamination.
    • Do not keep personal belongings in food preparation areas. A separate locker area should be provided for storage of staff’s personal belongings.

  4. Trash Removal
    • Staff to wear gloves at all times when handling trash.
    • Disinfect the trash bin before putting in a new garbage bag.

  5. Pool maintenance
    • Ensure the residual chlorine level in the swimming pool is maintained between 1 and 3 ppm at all times.

  6. Guests support
    • Leave some cleaning supplies for the guests in case they need to clean some areas.
    • Ensure hand sanitizer is available for the guests.
    • If possible, provide masks for the guests, as well as a thermometer at the villa.
    • Encourage guests to leave their shoes at the entrance.

IV. In-between stays

  • It takes up to 3 hours for COVID particles to settle to the ground. Once guests have checked out, wait for 3 hours before entering the villa to clean.
  • Ensure a rest period of at least 24h between two stays.
  • Deep cleaning of the villa, including cushions & bed sheets.

V. About visitors and third parties

  • Ask visitors to sign a Health Declaration Form before checking in that confirms they don’t have any symptoms. (Download a template here)
  • Contact tracing of anyone outside the group of registered guests coming to the villa.
  • If guests ask for a massage, ensure that the therapist wears a mask and only work with trusted partners that can provide such assurance.

VI. Inform the guests

  • Consider including information about how the villa is cleaned in the villa guide/information booklet, website and listing content.
  • Put a sign saying “This property has been properly sanitized for your arrival” at the door/in the living room

VII. Further references and readings

VIII. List of companies that can carry out disinfection work by country