What's around Jimbaran villas

Why stay in Jimbaran

Located on the Bukit Peninsula, Jimbaran is a coastal village in Bali that consists mostly of golden sand and turquoise water. If you’re looking to stay in a place that is closer to the local community, booking a Jimbaran villa will give you the authentic vibe that you are looking for.

Interesting facts about Jimbaran

Jimbaran used to be a tiny fishing village, with a local wet market that operates daily. Now, it already houses some of the most luxurious resorts and Jimbaran villas on the whole island, earning them the nicknames "Beverly Hills of Bali" and "Millionaire's Row".

Renting Jimbaran Villas

Jimbaran Bay villas will impress the affluent travellers. Every accommodation is equipped with indulgent rooms, lush gardens, and luxurious lounging areas to fit each guest’s elegant lifestyle. Here in the privacy of your own Bali beach villa, you can surely enjoy the relaxation that the island has to offer.

Activities and points of interest in Jimbaran

This quaint town may be small, but it sure provides a lot of unique activities that you can’t easily find among the rest of the island. Take fishing for example. Jimbaran is famous for its fishes. Tour operators such as Bali Fishing Sensation offers the experience of catching your own fish in the middle of the ocean, just like how the locals would do it. Another one-of-a-kind activity for the whole family that we fancy a lot is L’Atelier Parfums et Creations’ perfume workshop. Here, kids and adults can learn how to blend different oils together and make their very own scents.
And of course, you can’t leave this paradise without experiencing the island’s most amazing beaches. Step out of your villa in Jimbaran and you’ll easily get a glimpse of the Indian Ocean. Nusa Dua and Uluwatu with their postcard-perfect beaches are just a short drive away.

Jimbaran’s restaurants, cafes & bars

The neighbourhood offers a lot of great dining options that will make you want to step out of your Jimbaran villa for a little while. One is Rock Bar. Its location on top of a cliff, with the spectacular view of the ocean, makes it so in-demand that you have to be in the area hours in advance if you want to get a table. Too bad they don’t accept online reservation as they strictly prioritise hotel guests. If you’re a little short with your luck at the Rock Bar, we always recommend another one of our favourites—Cuca. Their dishes are good for sharing and they seriously have some of the most inspired food offerings in town.