What's around Uluwatu villas

Why stay in Uluwatu

It might be hard to imagine a touristic destination like Bali to be uncrowded. But beyond these jam-packed temples and vibrant Seminyak is a tranquil area called Uluwatu—a trendy yet off-the-beaten-track destination in South Bali! We highly recommend that you stay in an Uluwatu villa if your idea of an ultimate tropical getaway is staying in a private country house, atop magnificent limestone cliffs.

Renting villas in Uluwatu

Uluwatu villas are perfect for couples, groups, and families who like to enjoy the privacy of their own luxurious space. Cook, swim, lounge, and explore your place at your own pace. It’s really up to your liking! And the best thing about these splendid abodes? Uluwatu villas are just a stone’s throw away from the view of a turquoise sea.

Activities and points of interest in Uluwatu

Apart from the stunning view of the Indian Ocean, there are many other things that would draw you to stay at a villa in Uluwatu. Did you know that this area is famous for being the surfing mecca of the island? Its great, fast, and powerful waves are perfect for any pro-surfer who wants to hone their skills and enjoy the rhythm of the ocean!
On the other hand, non-surfers would enjoy an afternoon drive to catch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple. And while you’re there, make sure to witness the Kecak Dance, a captivating Hindu dance about the love story of Rama and Sinta. We highly recommend this activity for families travelling to Bali. It's a fun and culturally-rich experience for the kids.

Uluwatu’s restaurants, cafes & bars

Right before heading back to your villa in Uluwatu, make sure to drop by Single Fin, one of our favourite (not to mention hippest) bars in Bali. And here’s a tip: sunsets and weekends are considered the bar’s peak, so if you want to get drinks during those times, make sure to book a table in advance as the place is almost always packed with tourists and locals alike (including us!)!
While you are spending time in the Bukit Peninsula, be sure to indulge in a scrumptious seafood dinner in Jimbaran! We love enjoying good food while watching the sun going down the horizon!