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Rain or shine: Check out the best time to go to Bali here!

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The island of Bali is warm, humid and tropical all year round, the Balinese culture is always intriguing and nature is endlessly stunning. When is the best time to go to Bali? Opinions are divided. Bali knows 2 seasons: dry season (May – October) & wet season (November – April). Some people will tell you to avoid the rainy season months and others tell you to avoid the peak season. But really, if you ask me, Bali is a wonderful place to be no matter what time of the year it is. The truth is, both seasons have their pros and cons but I think that I can safely that any time is a good time to come to Bali 🙂

Wet season in Bali: November – April

rice field in bali

Yes, it can rain a lot. But usually, the rainfall is heavy and short and it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday at all. There is still plenty of sunshine in between those monsoon rainstorms. There are beautiful sunsets to gaze at and plenty of things to do. In fact, some activities are more fun in the rainy season such as white water rafting and relaxing at the spa (good excuse!). Also, the wet months are less touristy (apart from the weeks around Christmas & New Year!). Going in those quieter months means prices will drop, traffic jams are less and you get to enjoy the island’s hospitality even more as there aren’t hordes of tourists around. Staying in a Bali villa when it rains is a unique experience on its own!

Dry season in Bali: May – October

best time to go to bali

Most people prefer to go on their Bali Holiday in the dry season when there is little chance of rain. There is more wind and the nights are cooler, also the sea has a much cooler temperature and there are awesome surfing waves (thank you, wind!). The Balinese people are out everywhere flying their kites and you can visit the Bali Kite Festival in Sanur. Really cool!

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Bali’s peak travel season

The busiest months in Bali are in July and August, around Christmas and New year in December and January and the Easter holiday in April. If you love special events, lots of people and parties, go! If you want more peacefulness and cheaper flight tickets and private pool villas, try to avoid these months!

So, when is the best time to go to Bali?

Again, everyone will tell you something else but I would say May/June and September/October are the best, right in between the peak season and the months that usually get the heaviest rain.

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