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6 most important amenities your villa guests look for

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There are a few basic amenities and services that when well-done go unmentioned. However, should they not be available to the guests, you’d better prepare yourself for some complaints! Here are the 6 most important amenities your guests are looking for.

1. Welcome drinks

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In warm and humid tropical destinations like Bali, it’s always refreshing to have chilled, fresh juice upon arrival. This instantly puts a smile on your guests’ faces and is an easy way to make them feel welcomed. It sets the right beginning for the holiday – they know that they will be well cared for during the stay. One important note is that guests are expecting freshly squeezed/pressed juice, not store bought juice. If your guests are coming during autumn or winter serve them something warm like coffee, tea, or a decadent hot chocolate instead.

Going above and beyond: You can up this game by paying attention to the time of arrival. If it’s at night, offer your guests decaffeinated drinks instead. Pair this with a cold/warm towel and a personalised welcome note!

2. Working Wifi

“What’s the Wifi password?” is one of the first questions your guests will have. Make sure that you have fast, working Wifi at the villa. Unfortunately, a spotty wifi signal can put a serious damper on someone’s villa stay. The only occasion when it’s acceptable to not have Wifi signal is when a client is looking for a “digital detox”

Going above and beyond: Have the wifi password easily visible so the guests can refer to it when there is no staff in the villa.

3. Electricity

Lights, hot water, and air conditioners are very, very important. If you have a three bedroom villa, it is imperative that your electricity plan can accommodate three running air conditioning units at once.

4. Bathroom amenities

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While your guests may bring their own, providing shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in beautiful reusable containers adds a nice, professional image to the villa. Make sure that these items are always well stocked up.

Going above and beyond: Cotton balls/pads. Those who wear makeup will appreciate this. You can also consider mosquito repellent, sunscreen and aloe vera gel, especially when you expect that guests might get sunburnt. Some guests also appreciate toothbrushes on hand. We recommend stocking your villa with cheap, eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes.

5. Toasters & Other Kitchen Amenities

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If you have a large villa, be sure to have a bigger toaster. Say you have 14 people in your villa, but you only have a 2 slice toaster, it will become difficult to make breakfast in a timely manner. The same goes for a coffee machine, make sure it is capable to provide one cup of coffee per guest all in one serving.

6. The right attitude when problems happen

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This is not an amenity, but it’s crucial to your success. Nothing ruins the holiday mood more than the feeling of being left alone when things go wrong. When there is an issue at the villa, your guests will expect them to be resolved promptly. If you can’t, they’ll expect a reasonable explanation. Your guests want to be listened to, so you need to show them that you are doing your best to help. “Let me check” and keeping them waiting without a clear solution is the recipe for lengthy complaints.

This is why we have a Concierge team to assist our clients as well as your villa staff. We’ll provide 24/7 assistance to prevent problems from escalating. After all, you can turn a complaint to the best praises if you show your care and assist the clients.

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