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Things to do in Bali: 9 activities to inspire your itinerary

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Beaches, temples, waterfalls, buzzing towns, peaceful villages, wildlife, adventure, Bali has got a lot to offer for an amazing holiday! With her unique culture, hipster towns and stunning sceneries of rice paddies, volcanoes and valleys, Bali seems to have all the good stuff. Tranquillity, entertainment, modern comforts and unspoiled beauty, here are 9 things to do in Bali to have a fun-filled holiday for all:

1. Shopping & beach clubs in Seminyak

things to do in bali: shopping

Stylish, trendy, lively and sophisticated, Seminyak still is Bali’s most iconic and stylish beach town, home to world-famous beach clubs and restaurants. Oberoi and Petitenget are chic and high-end while Double Six and Dhyana Pura are more laid-back and easy going. Bursting with colours and fashion, home to exclusive spas, restaurants, galleries and boutique shops, you can’t miss out on Seminyak! Go have sunset drinks at La Plancha, KU DE TA and Potato Head, experience fine-dining at world-class restaurants, shop at designers boutiques and get pampered at famous spas. Everyone seems to love Seminyak – it’s all too easy!

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2. The beaches of the south

beaches in Bali

Are you a beach lover? If so, you can’t miss out on the south of Bali. That little tip at the bottom of the map – that is where all those stunning white sand beaches are located. This hilly area, also known as ‘the Bukit’ or ‘Bukit Peninsula’, features high ocean cliffs and down at the bottom of those cliffs, you will find one gorgeous beach after another. There are easily accessible beaches, hidden beaches and those beaches that require a little bit of extra efforts to get there. Our advice is to hop on a scooter and go drive around the coastline. Jimbaran, Balangan, Dreamlands, Bingin, Padang Padang, Nang Nyang, Green Bowl, Pandawa, Geger Beach and Nusa Dua.  Indeed, there are a lot of them! The southern tip of Bali is a beach and swimmers paradise as much as a surfers haven. There are plenty of villas in Bukit Peninsula too! Check them out!

3. Cultural highlights and nature around Ubud

what to do in Bali - visit Ubud

Ubud is the cultural epi-centre of Bali and the town is definitely worth your time for many reasons (awesome vegan and raw food restaurants, the coolest shopping boutiques, museums, spas, yoga studios, cultural performances and monkeys) but the town is also the main gateway to many cultural highlights of Bali. Pura Tirta Empul is Bali’s most stunning and sacred water temple where you can purify yourself when bathing (and praying) in holy spring waters. Near to Tirta Empul, there is Gunung Kawi, an ancient burial monument with quite some mystery around the origin still. Closer to Ubud, there is the Elephant Cave Goa Gajah and no matter where you go around Ubud, the beauty of rice paddies and river valleys will strike you! Ubud has got some of the island’s most dramatic luxury villas built on the edge of valleys to take your breath away. One more reason to get your ass over there and spend a couple of nights in the unspoiled nature of Ubud. Who doesn’t want to swim in an infinity pool on the edge of a river valley? That’s right, everyone does!

4. Tranquil and unspoiled East Bali

activities to do in Bali
Credit: Johan Wieland on Flicr

In the shadow of sacred Mount Agung, Amed is a stunning, sleepy village where you just have to spend a couple of night to clear your mind and soak up the stunning surroundings. Wake up with the sunrise, go for a swim in your private pool and head out to the pristine volcanic beach with black sands instead of white. You can take some amazing photos! Next, put on your snorkelling gear and see the beauty of the underwater world or go on a diving trip. Amed is a magical place, peaceful and rural – there is nothing to do but slowing down and allowing the beauty of Bali to enchant you. We assure you, Amed villas have stunning views too!

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5. Waterfalls in the north

waterfall in bali
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal on Flickr

Bali has got a lot of beautiful waterfalls and most of them are located in the north between Bedugul and Lovina. Gitgit, Munduk and Aling Aling are the most famous ones but Sekumpul, Banyumala Twin waterfalls and Singsing are also stunning! Did you know, you can even slide off a waterfall at The Secret Garden of Sambangan (the same area as where you will find the famous Aling Aling waterfall). I did it and it was scary but oh so thrilling (and I got a cool photo!).

6. Surfing, parties & weekend markets in Canggu

what to do in Bali - surfing in canggu
Credit: Josh Withers on Unsplash

Canggu is buzzing and booming. With the blink of an eye, this dreamy, rural area of Bali (right next to Seminyak) turned into the most popular tourist destination on the island. Surfers, hipsters, yogis, families, youngsters, everybody loves Canggu! So, what’s Canggu all about? First of all, the beaches are great for surfing and sunsets. Secondly, great live bands, DJs and parties are playing and happening every night. Furthermore, there are hipster markets going on every weekend, there are yoga studios, vegan restaurants and plenty of family-oriented cafes with excellent coffee, smoothie bowls, salads, cakes and playground. Yes, you gotta love Canggu!

7. The mother temple, Mount Agung & Bali’s Gateway to Heaven

bali temple
Credit: Aron Visuals from Pexels

In the east of Bali, in between the Kintamani highlands and peaceful Amed, towers and roars the almighty Mount Agung. When this majestic volcano is sleeping tight, climbing to the summit makes up for an incredible adventure. When the volcano is active (as it has been often in the last few years), Mount Batur makes a great alternative. Close to Mount Agung, there is the mother temple of all temples – the most sacred of them all – Pura Besakih (of course, you cannot miss out on this temple). To snap that amazing, super Instagrammable photos, you have to get your ass up Bali’s Gateway to Heaven, Pura Lempuyang, also located in the east of Bali.

8. Diving and snorkelling around Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island - must-do in bali
Credit: _laurine_m_ on Instagram

The best snorkelling and diving in all of Bali is around Menjangan Island in the northwest of the island. Menjangan Island is part of West Bali National Park and dreamy Pemuteran is the main gateway to this underwater paradise. Book yourself a villa in Pemuteran to experience the best of this part of Bali. You can be sure of amazing views, fresh air and unforgettable experiences beneath the surface of the sea.

9. Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida

nusa penida

These stunner islands are located just a short boat ride away from the mainland and they are home to Bali’s most famous Instagram-spots! You can prepare for staggering views, natural bathing pools, heavenly beaches and great spots for snorkelling and diving. Don’t miss out on Manta Point!

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